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14 SY Athletes Assist In Qualifying Home Country for Olympics

Conroe, TX – September 3rd, 2019 - Scrap Yard Fast Pitch, LLC (SYFP) is beaming with pride to announce that fourteen current and former Scrap Yard athletes have assisted their respective country in qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

USA Softball was the first American Olympic team to qualify after winning the WBSC World Championships last year in Chiba, Japan. Because Japan received an automatic qualifying spot for being the host country, USA was the second team to qualify for 2020. USA Softball will hold tryouts in early October to select the final roster for the 2020 team.

Italy was the third team to qualify for softball in 2020 after winning the WBSC Women’s Softball Europe/Africa Qualification Event in July of this year. This will mark the third time in the country’s history that softball has qualified for an Olympic spot.

Most recently, Mexico earned their spot for Tokyo by winning the WBSC Softball Americas Qualification Event in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. This will be Mexico’s first ever Olympic games for the sport of softball.

Listed below are the fourteen athletes who proudly represent the Scrap Yard family as they play for the respective countries! Congratulations to all!

United States of America

Monica Abbott

Ali Aguilar

Valerie Arioto

Jazmyn Jackson

Haylie McCleney

Aubree Munro

Janie Reed

Kelsey Stewart


Dallas Escobdeo

Brittany Cervantes

Anissa Urtez

Tori Vidales


Erika Piancastelli

Amanda Fama

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